Motorcycle Wheel Refurbishment

Motorcycle Wheel Refurbishment

Our Motorcycle wheel refurbishment service professionally refurbishes or recolours your wheels to a very high standard. We use a wet paint process and can paint your wheels in virtually any colour you like. The only limit is your imagination. So if you want to replicate your favourite rider’s colours, that’s no problem.

OEM motorcycle wheels don’t generally have a clear coat applied to the finish. This makes maintenance more difficult and can eventually allow corrosion and chemical staining, especially on wheels with a polished lip. We always apply a clear coat the final finish of our wheels for durability and ease of cleaning. (A matte clear coat is available to maintain a factory appearance if desired.) 

Every wheel we refurbish is treated with a ceramic sealant that is specifically designed specifically for wheels and has very durable hydrophobic properties. This offers an additional layer of protection and makes cleaning very easy, all at no extra cost.

When we rebuild and refit your wheels we follow the manufacturer’s recommended torque settings and tyre pressures. 

Our motorcycle wheel refurbishment service comes with a 12-month warranty against colour fade and corrosion. We can also offer a competitive tyre replacement service if you would like your tyres replaced at the same time.

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