Welcome to Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing is the specialist arm of Reflections Detailing and the result of demand from our existing customer base. It has been clear that there was a need for a high-end motorcycle care company in the Midlands and given our experience we felt perfectly placed to fill this niche.

At Motorcycle Detailing we can offer everything from a basic maintenance clean to extensive detailing using specialist ceramic protection products. We can even polish and protect your helmet to make cleaning those annoying bugs off so much easier.

Lee is our resident biker and proud owner of an immaculate Yamaha R1 that you’ll find in our gallery somewhere. He is a qualified motorcycle instructor and has been riding since he was old enough. He’s also a very talented detailer.

Richard isn’t a biker but he does love motorcycle detailing and appreciates the engineering and aesthetics of them.  Cleaning a motorcycle is very similar to detailing an engine bay and when you’ve done a couple McLaren engine bays, nothing fazes you.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and look forward to answering any question you might have. If you’re ready for a chat give us a ring on 0800 0433055 or grab a free quote using our online quote system.