Cleaning motorbike wheels

Why is cleaning motorbike wheels so hard?

Have you ever wondered why cleaning motorbike wheels is such a PIA to do? Part of it is to do with access but mostly, it’s because they don’t have a clear coat applied to the finished surface. Unlike the car industry, bike manufacturers seem to like unfinished wheels, and in my experience, this is problematic. Brake dust, road film, tar, rubber and grease all stick to the surface and whilst normal wheel cleaners are great at cleaning most things off, they struggle with grease and oils. Over lubricating the chain causes sling  (the excess oil/grease is slung off because of centrifugal force and finds its way to your back wheel) and it is usually this that you are fighting.

The Solutions

There are things you can do to help. One would be to coat your wheels with a product like Gyeon RIM – a very hard and durable ceramic coating that offers both protection and an easy to clean finish. It has self-cleaning properties and helps wheels to stay cleaner longer. It isn’t affected by alkaline based wheel cleaners or degreasers and makes life so much easier.

Another solution would be to refurbish your wheels and have a clear coat applied – like alloy wheels on cars have – that is a lot easier to clean. Our wheel refurbishment service includes a gloss or matt clear coat as standard – You can find out about our motorbike wheel refurbishment service here.

Having the right equipment helps too. Wheel Woolies make cleaning wheels much easier and using a degreaser rather than a wheel cleaner will help too.



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