Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycling Detailing

Lee, our resident biker, carries out most of our Motorcycle Detailing treatments. He is an enthusiastic owner of a beautiful Yamaha R1 as well as being a qualified bike instructor. He has many years experience preparing and maintaining bikes to a high standard as well as exceptional detailing skills. This places him in an ideal place to bring you the best motorcycle detailing service in the Midlands.

Restoring your bike to showroom condition and protecting it from the worst the British weather can throw at it is the aim of our Motorcycle Detailing service. It is also a great treatment to have done to a brand new bike.

Benefits of Motorcycle Detailing

  • The extensive cleaning and protection we carry out on your bike will restore it to showroom condition and keep it looking that way.
  • Very high-performance, high tech protection products help you to keep it clean and looking like new, all of the time.
  • The products we apply to your bike ensure it is ready for anything.
  • Machine polishing removes swirls and minor damage from painted panels and the coatings that are applied make them look amazing.
  • Spend more time riding, less time cleaning.
  • Cleaning off dead bugs is much easier.
  • We clean and lubricate the chain.

We are passionate about bringing you the very best motorcycle detailing experience in the country.

You can get an online quote here or call us on 0800 0433055 for more details.

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