New Bike Protection

Keeping your brand new bike looking as good as new is so much easier to do when you protect it properly from the outset. These days, the best way to do that is means making use of the high-tech ceramic products available to professional detailers.

For much less than the cost of a decent set of leathers our New Bike Protection treatment protects all areas of your new bike with high performance, incredibly durable ceramic coatings. Not only do these coatings look fantastic they repel dirt and make cleaning very easy.

We have a range of surface specific products manufactured by Gyeon Quartz including a coating that can handle temperatures of up to 800 degrees centigrade, perfect for exhaust cans and engine casings.

Once we have thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated your new bike we carefully prepare each surface so they are ready to receive the appropriate coating. On painted areas such as the fairing, tank, mudguards etc these are applied by hand. For intricate areas, such as the engine casing and chassis, the coatings are sprayed on. Once we have finished applying the coatings we will bake them with our infrared heaters.

The service takes us a day to complete and we like to keep the bikes overnight to eliminate any risk of the coatings getting wet during the first 12 hours – they continue to cure and reach maximum performance in around 7 days.

Cleaning the bike afterwards is easy, we even offer a training service where our resident biker, Lee, will show you how to clean the bike properly and maintain the coatings. Lee’s Yamaha R1 was given this treatment 3 years ago and takes him about 20 minutes to wash, that’s it.

To find out more about our New Bike Protection treatment call us free on 0800 0433055 and speak to Lee. You can also get a free online quote here.