Motorcycle Detailing

The most popular of our services. Motorcycle detailing is very high-quality cleaning and paint restoration process coupled with market leading protection products for all surfaces. You can find out more about our motorcycle detailing service here. 

Motorcycle Valeting

Designed to keep your bike looking its best, all the time. We can carry out our maintenance clean at our workshop or at your home. It is the perfect follow-up service for our Motorcycle Detail. You can find out more about our motorcycle valeting service here.

Paint Protection Film

Protection films protect areas of your bike that are prone to stone impact and therefore damage. It is a very tough, clear film that is completely transparent and almost completely invisible. You can find out more about our motorcycle paint protection film service here.

Helmet Polish & Protect

After a blast in the summer, your helmet will usually be covered in dead bugs that are difficult to remove. And in the rain, you wish you had wipers on your visor! Our Helmet Polish and Protect service not only keeps your helmet looking like new, it includes a very hard, oleophobic ceramic coating that makes cleaning a breeze and ensures water just slides off. The anti-fog treatment we put on the inside of the visor helps to stop things steaming up. Find out more about our helmet polish and protect service here.

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